Our Philosophy

home22 believes in freedom.

Home22 aims to reacquaint you with a "simple life." External burdens and intensive workflows have caused society to lose sight of their overall wellbeing. We want to reawaken your inner peace, your inner freedom, reconnecting you with your true self. 


home22 believes in unity. 

Our collections were hand-selected and curated to create synergy while respecting the integrity of the artist and you. We believe that we are one, therefore what we allow into our homes is released into the atmosphere through emotions, moods, and vibes. We are living a collective experience and harmony is needed. Beauty, as defined by home22, is compassion, empathy, diversity, and balance. 


home22 is not here to disrupt. 

Within our oneness, you are still an individual. Every fine detail about you matters so we are not here to disrupt what makes you, you. We simply want to help you to return to that which matters most in your heart. Those things you said 'don't matter anymore because...' actually do. All those elements made you. To show up for the world, you have to start with your world - your home. Take responsibility. Believe in the magic you once lived for. Have the courage to realize you are enough and what you value matters. 

So, who are you? 


To the remarkable artisans behind home22

We lovingly acknowledge the women-owned business, fair trade companies, and sole proprietors we feature in our online store. These incredible artisans strive for perfection with every handcrafted item you see today.